Novaglaze floor coating  is a decorative floor coating formulated for porous and dusty concrete flooring, as well as sound concrete flooring . It is based on pliolite resin from Goodyear and  available in six standard colors .The coating gives a hard tile like glossy finish

Novaglaze floor coating  protects surface of the concrete and its special properties helps to surface disintegration , and provide a protective finish with high resistance to traffic .this makes it very suitable for floors in food factories ,garage floors, garment floors ,garment factory floors and in all cases where an attractive dust free floor is required


An ideal Finish, which is an abrasion resistant to the movement of even

motor car tyre’s



Novaglaze metallic finish is a specially developed, decorative and protective coating based on acrylic co polymer

Can be applied on a variety of surfaces to give  metallic effect of gold, silver copper or pearl

Can be used both for interior and exterior concrete cement plaster, plaster of paris, gypsum boards, wood, plywood and other similar wood based products and M.S.Steel Structure


Decorative and protective coating used extensively for painting on external Gates and other surface areas for decoration and protection and also paintingon idols



Novaglaze wall coating which gives metallic  finish on building  walls, these coating can be used for interior and exterior wall on good  substrate to get a glossy finish with weather resistance and anti dust property & can be suitable for high rise commercial building with high traffic area


  • NOVAGLAZE Decorative finish is a high build solvent based coating system. Novaglaze Decorative finish is recommended for use over all types of concrete, cement plaster and similar masonry surfaces.  It is based on special synthetic resins – pliolite from Goodyear.


  • Outstanding adhesion on all surfaces and excellent resistance to dirt -coatings will remain clean for years


  • Superior resistance to water – it makes the application possible under adverse or uncertain climatic conditions.


  • Alkali resistance – it can be applied on fresh plaster


  • Superior resistance to UV light and oxygen–outstanding weather resistance with excellent colour and gloss retention


Get a Glossy finish with weather resistance and anti dust property.

Available in wide range of colours from Asian Colour world Palate.


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