Swasthick Decors has established in the year of 1994 by Mr.A.Sekar , we are in field more than 25 years and  we are the authorized applicator and distributors for NOVASPRAY PAINTS and S K K PAINTS – JAPAN for South India.


We under take the Residential painting like Villas, Bungalows, Apartments  and Commercial painting like Office, Retail space, Hospitality, Factories, Industries,  Educational space, Lifestyle space, Medical facility, other’ s.


We under take various type of painting Like Novaspray Multicolour spray paints for Interior walls, Natural Stone Spray Painting ( S K K PAINTS ) and different types of Texture painting for Interior and Exterior walls as per  client expectations.   We are under taking specialty finish Lime based Concrete finish for interior and exterior.




Swasthick decors always give after sale service with one year warranty for painting other than structural damage and physical damage.


As a well established  painting contractors from Chennai, we have the knowledge with experience to handle any kind of commercial paints and decorative paints.  You can explore more by checking our gallery.


At Swasthick Decors, a qualified project manager is assigned along with Site engineers and site supervisors  to oversee all the tasks to be completed by the painters. They  will coordinate activities and schedules and ensure the quality.


Swasthick Decors take only the most experienced painting contractors on board to ensure high quality services, such that your satisfaction level is always at 100%   


Our team fully equipped with Spray painting equipments, Jet wash machine’s for clean the massive areas with short timing and lesser wastage of water. We are using Digital laser measuring instruments for error free measurements and to save time.  


Swasthick Decors use original paints from the top brands and ensure that the products are opened right in  front of the Clients to ensure credibility






Through 10 years of professional experience, our specialized team have successfully provided waterproofing solutions for homes, Industrial sites, Office and Commercial spaces across Tamil nadu. Since 2010 Swasthick Architectural Coatings waterproofing division has established its reputation in the market as a reliable and cost effective waterproofing coating from the roof, to the wall and to wet areas. Our hands-on approach and established record of satisfied customers have contributed greatly to the rapid growth of our company over the years.  


What is the purpose of waterproofing?

The purpose of the waterproofing is to prevent water penetrations into concrete surfaces. 


We Swasthick Architectural coatings waterproofing expertise an exclusive range of waterproofing service such as Polymer coating, Membrane coating, Pressure Grouting, Overhead water  tank, sump, Bathroom, Terrace, Roof, Swimming pools, Roof Garden areas, wet areas injection grouted method and  Heat reflecting coating. Our waterproofing treatments have a unique property of filling even very minute pores and clots.




Swasthick Architectural coating  always give after sale service with three year warranty for waterproofing other than structural damage, physical damage and natural calamities.


Swasthick experience makes the difference and On-time. On budget. Guaranteed to last.

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